Monday, June 15, 2015

Temporarily open to manuscript clients

In the past, I have offered manuscript critique services. I mostly closed that down at the beginning of this year to do things like move and focus on my own writing. But I currently have a period of somewhat fewer deadlines, and I've been getting emails wondering if I could work with people. So I am temporarily reopening the doors.

What this means is, if you have a manuscript you'd like some help with, I may be the person to do it.

Here's who I am: I have approximately 30 professional short fiction sales. My work has been performed on NPR, included in a year’s best  and a best of anthology, and was nominated for the World Fantasy Award. My novella with Maria Dahvana Headley, The End of the Sentence, was chosen as one of NPR’s Best Books of 2014. I am a graduate of Clarion at UCSD, and am represented by Brianne Johnson at Writers House. My debut novel, Roses and Rot, will be out from Saga Press in 2016. Additionally, I have a Ph.D. in English Literature, and have taught at the undergraduate and graduate levels at the University of Minnesota, and Stonybrook University. I have also taught an Intro to Writing SFF course with LitReactor.

Here's what I do: I help you edit for content - so, this is not copy editing, or line editing, or the kind of thing where you have someone read over your manuscript for typos. In fact, unless I can't understand it, I'm going to leave your sentence-level prose alone. What I will do is offer you feedback on character, plot, theme, overall story, that sort of thing. I'll also be sure to include feedback on any specific questions that you have. 

What you need: A completed manuscript. This can be anywhere from your hot mess of a NaNo draft to something that you think is polished enough to start querying with. I'm not here to judge, I'm here to help you make things better. While I primarily write SFF, I'm happy to work with writers in any genre.

If you think you're interested: Contact me at We'll talk about exactly what you're looking for, my rates, and the turnaround time for your manuscript. I'm happy to answer any questions. Please note: This is a temporary opening. Right now, my plan is to be open to new clients for a month - until July 15th - with a very small number of spots that I will schedule for later in the year (so, if you know today that you want to work together, but your book won't be finished until August, still get in touch, and you many be able to reserve a spot for then.) But depending on the amount of interest, I may close sooner.